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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Crunchy Granola

I created this granola recipe with Cam, combining two recipes we found online and adding a few tweaks of our own. The recipies that inspired us were Alton Brown 's crunchy granola and King Arthur Flour's granola recipe. I love how versatile the recipe can be, change up the nuts, spices, extracts and dried fruit to suit your own taste.   We opted for coconut oil instead of vegetable oil that the other recipies called for. Stay tuned for other variations, including pecan and candied bacon granola.
I prefer it sprinkled over yogurt, served with berries and a drizzle of honey Cam loves it as an ice cream topping.

3 C Oats
1 C roughly chopped whole raw almonds
1/4 C brown sugar
1/2 t. Cinnamon
2 T. Honey
1/4 C Pure maple syrup
1/4 C Coconut oil
3/4 t. Kosher salt
1 t. Vanilla extract
1/2 t. Almond extract
1/2 C raw sunflower seeds
1/2 C Pine nuts
1/2 C Pepitas
1 C Sweetened coconut
1 C Raisins (mix in after baking)


Line a half sheet pan with aluminum foil, preheat oven to 275 degrees.
In a large bowl, mix first four ingredients. In a small bowl, stir together, the next six ingredients and set aside. Add nuts and coconut to the large bowl of dry ingredients and mix well.  Pour the wet ingredients over the dry ingredients and mix coating the dry mixture. Spread mixture ion to the foil lined pan and pat it out evenly.
Bake at 275 degrees for five minutes. Remove from oven and stir mixture patting it out flat against and return to the oven, reducing heat to 250 degrees. Continue to bake for one hour and up to an hour and 15 minutes until golden brown, stirring every 15 minutes.  Allow to cool in the pan. When cool Mix in raIsins and transfer to an airtight container.
Store airtight for one week.

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